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I have been suffering from neuropathy and arthritis for over  seven years.  After seeing many different specialists and receiving various treatments, I saw little improvement.  I ended up having to use a wheelchair.  My acupuncturist thought that my diet might be contributing to my chronic pain.  I saw Vanessa and she was able to help me develop a sustainable nutrition plan along with supplements.  Her program greatly lowered my inflammation.  My chronic pain decreased, and I have gained back a good portion of my mobility.  I deeply appreciate her help.  The only loser is my wheelchair - it sits unused!

Richard, Toronto, Canada

Being a road warrior has taken a tremendous toll on my body. Lack of sleep, only restaurant meals and way too much booze was affecting my work life balance and I had to take out the waist line in my suits.  My wife worked previously with Vanessa and suggested I reach out for a consult which was the best decision I ever made.  Vanessa put together a plan for me to help me make better decisions on the road to impact my health.  What I loved is that nothing was drastic and it was educating me of substitutions and better decisions which has improved my sleep, lost weight and most importantly I have more energy for my kids when I get home.

Patrick, San Diego, CA

Vanessa has really helped me to improve my energy, digestion, and mental clarity.  I especially appreciated her collaborative approach.  She worked closely with me to customize a plan addressing specific difficulties.  She further educated me on the importance of different foods, supplements, and lifestyle choices on overall health.  Since working with Vanessa, my blood sugar levels have stabilized.  The ‘shakes’ previously experienced are gone, as long as I continue following the sensible instruction and guidance she provided.  Also, the recommended breathing exercises help in controlling anxiety.  Vanessa’s assistance has made a big difference in my life!

Janet, Kauai, HI

After developing severe stomach pain due to pharmaceutical medication I explored different options since western medicine seemed to only mask my underlying issues. I found Vanessa who helped me  identify trigger factors in my diet along with supplements to rebuild and improve my overall gut health. I continue to see Vanessa to help improve my eating habits and to coach me on ways to improve my overall lifestyle.

Nick, San Francisco, CA

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