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    Nutrition and Wellness is my passion – it is what I live and breath!  I love geeking out on the latest nutrition research to constantly learn new ways to modify and improve our overall human well-being.   I want to help you find the best version of yourself!  You are a unique being on this earth, and there is a unique roadmap to wellness just for you!

    I have personally seen the results.  The importance of eating nutrient dense food and living the right lifestyle helped to save my life!   I decided to leave a demanding corporate job after having my first child.   To pursue a dream of helping others reach optimal wellness through nutrition and fitness, I returned to school, studying at Bauman College in Berkley CA.  At this same time my own health was failing.   Little did I know that I was suffering from late stage neurological Lyme Disease and many other cofactors of Lyme Disease.   I met and saw many others deteriorate with Lyme while I was able to keep on going.  I was able to continue studying and graduate from Bauman College as a Nutritional Consultant, learning even more as a result of my own personal journey.  Much of this success can be attributed to really understanding the effect of nutrition and lifestyle choices on health and wellbeing, then putting that understanding into actual practice every day.

    My journey took me to the depths of learning about inflammation, immune system, allergies, sensitivities, bacteria, viruses, hormones, gut health, and detoxification.  I realized that better outcomes are powerfully influenced by the nutrients consumed daily.  In combination with diet, it is of equal importance to work with lifestyle influences in order to improve overall being:  toxins, environment, sleep, proper movement, meditation, sun exposure, time in nature, spiritual connection, sense of purpose, community and energy medicine.  With all this knowledge I was able to personally overcome Lyme disease and regain my life!  It would be an honor to share my knowledge and be a guide on your personal journey to wellness! 

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